New Rx-7 Project

On 10/12/09, picked up yet another ugly Montego Blue FD, the difference between this one and the last one is the engine, or lack of. As rollers go, it was extremely clean, pretty much everything except for the longblock, accessories, and radiator came with the car. I used a paint meter on it, everything was within stock specs, nothing was repainted.


Apparently, the car has quite a history, it was owned by a respected rotary enthusiast on, he pretty much did all these is to do to the car and blew it up about 3 years ago. It’s been sitting in his garage until his job relocated him earlier this year which forced the sale. It went to another guy who parted out the entire car, definitely making it worth his while, before ending up in more or less stock form, in my garage.

So far, I’ve yanked out the tranny, with plans to strip the engine bay for a repaint as there’s some surface rust which will never get taken care of if not now. As for the motor, the best bang for your buck is still the LS1/T56 combo. I was looking into the LS2 (c6 longblock) and LS6 (c5 zo6), but in the end, the price of the stock LS1 and potential for power with just cams and heads would be more than enough in a car that weighs about 2800 lbs. In stock form, I’ll be looking at ~330whp/tq, with the heads and cams, 400+, definitely enough for me.

I considered building a rotary for a while, but after my first experience, I decided I wouldn’t be able to justify putting money into an engine that could fail anytime. I was already experiencing overboost issues on the stock twins with just ~3k on a rebuilt engine, all it takes is 1 case of detonation and you’ve got yourself a paperweight in the garage. Single turbo is also a pretty popular way to go, but the cost of a single turbo FD is comparable to an LS FD, hp #’s are similar but the v8 puts out low end tq like no other. Other benefits include not randomly blowing up. That was the end of the debate for me.

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