Dana Point Turkey Trot 5k

Just did a 5k yesterday, as far as my pseudo running career goes, this wasn’t as bad as I expected. I pretty much did everything wrong this time around, didn’t train enough or properly hydrate, I was expecting to get above 30 min. I somehow pulled a low 28, my PR is somewhere in the high 24 / low 25 range, I don’t quite remember.

I did, however, manage to drag my coworkers out to this event, for a few of them it was their first event. We had a pool going, unfortunately, one of them turned out to be a track runner, he finished in 23, I was a distant 2nd at 28. Oh well, it was good doing something like this again, I know that I would’ve just gotten lazy otherwise. Maybe I’ll start heading in another direction and try to gain a bit of mass for now.

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